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Who am I?
  • I'm Dr. Joe Bellezzo...devoted husband, father, & practicing Emergency Physician.
  • I am a leading authority in the use of ECMO in emergency resuscitation,  I helped develop the World's first Emergency Department ECMO program, and co-host the internationally acclaimed resuscitation conference REANIMATE.
  • I have dedicated my career over the past 20+ years to the practice of emergency medicine through practical application, education, outreach, and philanthropy. 
  • I am the current Chair of the Sharp Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors.
  • My work has been featured in TV documentaries, medical education podcasts, peer-reviewed journal articles, and I've authored several textbook chapters.
  • I am an avid ethical patient advocate with years of experience as the Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine, Chief-of-Staff Elect, and membership on the Medical Executive Committee, which oversees quality and patient safety.


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Who am I?

I'm really glad you asked.

I'm Dr. Joe Bellezzo...husband, father, & practicing Emergency Physician.

My Professional Interests:


Emergency Medicine:

  • Full-time at practice at Sharp Memorial Hospital: a non-academic, suburban, community-based,  Trauma Center in San Diego, California.
  • Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine from 2016-2020
  • Emergency Department ECMO Director 

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO):

  • Co-Founder of the World's first Emergency Department ECMO program.
  • First Emergency Physician to successfully use ECMO to save a dying patient (2010)

Teaching & Medical Education:

  • The REANIMATE Conference: Co-host & co-founder of the highly-acclaimed international resuscitation conference, which has been training bleeding-edge resuscitation techniques to clinicians for over 8 years.
  • Co-host and co-founder of the educational website/blog/podcast which explores ECMO and advanced resuscitation techniques.
  • Acclaimed international public speaker on Emergency Medicine and resuscitation.

Patient Advocacy

  • Chief-of-Staff Elect at Sharp Memorial Hospital serving on the Medical Executive committee, the governing body that oversees quality assurance and patient safety throughout the Hospital.
  • 10 years of experience on the Emergency Department Supervisory Committee, a committee tasked with overseeing Quality and Patient Safety in the Emergency Department.


  • Chairman of the Sharp Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors, endorsing the power of grateful patient giving and community leadership.
  • Co-Founder: 2vital2die 501(c)3 Foundation - a Foundation which raised funds to provide mechanical chest compression devices to the San Diego County Emergency Medical Services providers.

Hospital Administration:

  • Trustee, Sharp Healthcare Board of Directors, including membership on the following committees:
    • Board Member: Information Technology Committee
    • Board Member: Quality and Patient Safety Committee
  • Board Member: Generational Health Steering Committee 
  • Board Member: ECMO Steering Committee 
  • Medical Executive Committee (MEC) member
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